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For more than 140 years, the Oregon State Grange has represented agriculture and family farmers; supported the Australian (Secret) ballot, direct primaries, initiative, referendum, and women's right to vote; lobbied for rural residents on issues of private property, taxation, transportation, utilities and schools; and offered programs and activities for all family members age 5 and older.

In communities throughout Oregon, the Grange has encouraged youth in FFA, 4-H, scouts and school programs; participated in state and county fairs, presented scholarships to members and non-members; raised funds to assist local and national charities; provided meeting space for nonprofits and hall rentals for dances and community events; and served the community by volunteering countless hours to complete needed projects.

Grange members serve their communities and cultivate life-long friendships. Members say the lasting friendships, family environment, opportunities for community involvement, continuing personal growth and leadership development, as well as the ability to make a difference are all reasons they, and many of their family members, have joined the Grange.

Grange members have fun. Grange meetings, activities, and events always include a social aspect that has fellowship as a cornerstone. Members make friends in their community, their state, and across the nation that last a lifetime.


Personal Benefits of Grange Membership

Friendship - A key component of the Grange is the friendship that develops among the members.


Fun - Grange members make every activity or task fun. Taking part in Grange activities is a highlight in the lives of our members.

Networking - Our circle of acquaintances grows and members find that other Grangers can assist them in learning new skills, completing difficult tasks, and even offering career or job assistance.


Leadership Skills - Each member has the opportunity to learn and develop leadership skills that will benefit them in all aspects of life, Effective communication, participating in and leading a meeting, being part of and leading a team are just a few of the skills members acquire in the Grange.


Opportunity to Make a Difference - Each member is empowered to initiate action that will make membership a richer experience and to meet the needs of the community. Grange initiated service and legislative projects better the hometowns of America every day.


You may just live longer! - Studies have shown that people who socialize with others and do volunteer work live longer and healthier.


Family Benefits of Grange Membership

Togetherness - The Grange is a place for the entire family. Meetings and activities are open to all ages. The Grange has always met together in a family atmosphere where everyone is equal.

Role Models - Grange members are good - Grange Motto citizens with a great moral center. These are the type of people that children can look up to as role models.

Interests - The Grange offers many different ways to involve and interest members and allow families to come together in times of service, community engagement, fellowship, learning and entertainment.


Grassroots Advocacy

The Oregon State Grange is part of the National Grange, a highly engaged rural and agricultural advocacy organization that is proud to be the voice of rural America's communities across the United States. Our 145 year legacy of remaining non-partisan allows us to advocate on behalf of our membership by letting our member-driven policy be our guide.

When joining the Grange, expect to be encouraged to engage with your local, state and national representatives on legislative and regulatory issues affecting your community. We host a Grange Day at the State Legislature at which members can discuss timely issues with State Representatives and Senators. Members may also participate in the National Grange Legislative Fly-ln to learn more about bills before Congress and meet with their elected Congress member. At the Grange, we have a strong commitment to civil stewardship and celebrate the responsibilities of citizenship.

Recently, the Grange has been highly engaged with efforts in the following areas:

  • Expanding affordable rural broadband

  • Monitoring Farm Bill progress

  • Improving rural healthcare/Medicare access

  • And so much more



Members Enjoy Many Benefits

In addition to being more connected with your community, you will enjoy these benefits:

  • Opportunities to attend leadership conferences, family events, campouts and state and national conventions.

  • The chance to enter more than 150 contests for baking, textiles, canning, crafts, art, photography, and talent and win cash prizes.

  • To become associated with others who share your values, interests and concerns.

  • Discounts on electricity, travel, cell phone services, prescription drugs, insurance, financial planning and more.

  • Publications or access to online communications that inform you of Grange events, advocacy efforts, legislative and regulatory successes and much more.

The Grange helps every member develop to his or her fullest potential. In the Grange, the opportunities are endless for leadership development, event and project management, and the bolstering of other skill sets.

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